Why Choose Vaultwise?

There are numerous choices for backup services, though not all backup services are created equal.  Just becuase a company offers data backup service does not mean you’re getting the whole truth – there are many ways companies cut corners to maximize their profits, while at the same time impacting the quality and reliability of your service.

“Our business model does not rely on our client’s using only a fraction of what they’ve been sold….why play games with providers that say one thing then deliver another?”

Aside from being no-nonsense, Vaultwise has never raised it’s prices. Why?  Becuase at Vaultwise we believe in spending time planning and engineering our solutions to ensure our clients get what they sign up for.  Our business model does not rely on our client’s using only a fraction of what they’ve been sold – this means that we can offer a more reliable infrastructure than our competition, without surprises.  If your data storage service is important, why play games with providers that say one thing then deliver another?  If a provider has to raise-prices due to poor planning, what else have they misjudged?   In business it’s important to know where you stand.

Below are some ways providers use marketing to mislead and how we at Vaultwise address it: make sure you know what you’re getting.

Why Vaultwise Is The Premium Value
What Other Providers Can Do

Dedicated Resources
When you purchase storage space at Vaultwise it is dedicated to your account.  Many providers will oversell resources and scale their systems only when usage demands it.  At Vaultwise you are sure to have your allocated amount available to you.

Overselling Space
Many providers utilize the concept of “Overselling” – basically selling resources that they either do not have or have not committed.  The dangerous practice of overselling is how providers can make pricing the lowest-common-denominator and hide the fact that their infrastructure isn’t enterprise-quality and have overloaded their systems.

Premium Bandwidth
We leverage Utropicmedia‘s low-latency global Data Center that provides a premium blend of BGP4 bandwidth to ensure we have the capacity and performance available to our clients when they need it.  Utropicmedia’s international resources also means we have multiple geographic locations for complex disaster recovery solutions.

Restricting Bandwidth Speed
Capping/limiting other resources not directly related to the service at-hand is the most prevalent way providers can take advantage of users.  Many service providers will provide incredibly high amounts of storage for a cheap price but limit the bandwidth transfer rate.  What good is unlimited storage space if you can only upload and download at 56k speeds?

RAID 10 Enterprise SAN Storage
Many providers will use consumer-grade hard drives and a RAID level that maximizes the available space on their arrays.   At Vaultwise all of our SAN space is high-performance RAID-10 so you can upload and download critical data at blazing speeds without being crippled by IO bottlenecks of other, less expensive, RAID configurations.

Cheap RAID Configurations
Providers can use RAID configurations that maximize the available space instead of maximizing the performance and reliability.

Enterprise Server-Grade Hard Drives
The fact is Enterprise-grade server hard disks are expensive for a reason: they use better components and are rated for more intense usage in production environments.

Consumer Grade Hardware
Many providers use consumer-grade hard drives and may even use consumer-grade PCs for their “servers”.  Vaultwise uses Server-Grade Disks in name-brand, non-refurbished servers.